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Invest in Photography Now!

Photography is an investment. Whether you hire a professional photographer, utilize stock photos, take your own photos, you must have images that represent your brand. Here are some tips to get the most out of your business images . . .

When Considering Stock Photos

• Select photos that already have your brand's colors/tones

• Select images that draw interest and are relatable to your brand

• If your organization helps people, choose stock imagery that includes people but doesn’t show too many faces. This allows the clients to see themselves in those images.

• Less is more. Don’t overuse stock photos.

• Don’t use images that already have words written on them. This will make your branding look amateur and they will use fonts that don't match your brands fonts.

While Unsplash and Shutterstock are the most popular sites, their images are the most overused options. Be careful using people/actors in your pictures because they are often. People will recognize the lady on your website because they also saw her on the drug commercial or another website for senior living.

Hire a Designer

Designers can create customized images. We can run filters, add color overlays, and watermarks. We can also create custom icons for your website that match your brand. You can’t achieve this utilizing free images or google icons and risk having your brand look like everyone else’s. Often coders or/and other non-creatives will default to Google icons.

The key takeaway here is to do something that is unique and not like every other site you see. Having your own images help create awareness of your products and services, and increases value, and overall brand recognition. You want your audience to recognize things that are different and uniquely you - not what they see on every other website. Corporate headshots are another story! That blog is coming soon!


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