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We use Pinterest to begin our visual diagnostic process.

This helps you put your ideas for your new brand in one place.

We suggest you pin examples of color palettes you like, logos you are drawn to, icons, sign layouts, business card designs, etc.

We also ask that you pin logos you don't like. Knowing what you dislike helps us further narrow down your style, helping us to draw a brand that speaks to you creatively.

You want a logo that's clean, modern and sexy? Show us what that means to you. What does "luxurious" look like in your eyes? What do you consider to be "classic"? We are visual people and we need to see what those words mean to you.

We have done over a hundred logos using this method and it is so much fun both for us and our clients! It not only helps us, but it will also help you get a visual idea of things you are inspired by so that whether we work together or not, you will create a visual direction for your brand moving forward.

step one

Create a pinterest account if you don't have one.

step two

Create a private board and add your pins

step three

Share the board with us.

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