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Design Without Boundaries: Wix vs. Wordpress

The main issue with studies that compare Wix sites to WordPress sites revolves around comparing sites built by the general public to those professionally developed in WordPress. Wix is accessible to basically anyone with access to a computer, which is one of its advantages, but many of these studies pull randomly from Wix sites built by design "amateurs" and people without any background in SEO, marketing, analytics, etc. Of course sites built by complete beginners are going to perform poorly in comparison to WordPress sites developed by professional coders, just as a WordPress site built by an amateur coder would perform poorly in comparison to a Wix site built by a Wix partner or a designer. By leveling the playing field in terms of skill level, more accurate comparisons will balance the medians, averages, and statistics regarding how Wix and WordPress sites perform compared to one another. Studies need to start comparing WordPress sites with Wix sites built solely by Wix partners and designers, not the general public.

So why do we use Wix over WordPress?

One of the many reasons is the visual freedom that Wix allows for. Most WordPress sites look the same - no breaking the boundaries of what is visually possible, and remaining confined to what is accessible within the code. With Wix, we break out of that box and are able to do what we do best, which is use visual design to create a site that is both stunning and functional.

Wix uses a visual wireframe, whereas WordPress uses a coded wireframe. This is like drawing within a specified grid setup versus drawing on blank paper. In Wix, we have the ability to draw on that blank piece of paper. We are not confined to individual boxes or spaces, but instead we create the boxes and spaces and use these elements to our advantage and within the best interest of the client/project.

Instead of letting the grid master us, we master the grid.

No two websites that we build are the same. We often have people ask us for the "template" to a site we have previously built because they are used to the themed designs that WordPress uses. Those themes can purchased for very little and then plugged into any site. WordPress developers use these because they do not rely on their own unique visual ideas to create a site, but instead use a pre-made template and adjust the code. Using a "template" to create a website would be against everything we believe in and pride ourselves on.

So our answer is HELL NO! No two websites that we build are the same. We may find inspiration from other websites that we see or that our clients provide as examples - but we always go above and beyond what we are inspired by.

The truth is that there is no "template" because we don't build sites with the intention of replicating them for another client. We specialize in CUSTOM websites that set you apart from your competitors and are unique to you and your brand.


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