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Has Your Logo Been Hijacked?

Google Reverse Image Search Option

How do you know that your personal/business logo is representing you and you only? Don't you wish there was a way to google search by an image to make sure your logo wasn't being hijacked? With Google Reverse Image Search now you can do exactly that.

Just open Image Google Search in your web browser and you're given the option to search based on appearances. Drag and drop or upload an image to get started. Your search results may include: similar images, sites that include that image, and different file sizes of that same image. You can also use it to:

- Find Fake Social Media Accounts: Suppose you are you trying to find out a social media account of a friend, but you are not sure of the accounts integrity. You can run an image search by using his/her particular image, you will get the results and you will know the rest!

- Find Plagiarism: Are you a professional photographer? Using this free reverse image search tool can help you find out about people who might be using your photos illegally for commercial or non-commercial reasons without properly attributing credits.

- To Recognize People, Place and Products: Using reverse photo search you can identify the images of people, places or products which are popular but you have no idea about.

The uses are infinite when using Reverse Image Search.Try it out with your own logo images. You can never be too careful when it comes to your own branding!

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