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Instagram re-brands to simple camera icon.

The new logo was introduced today, along with a pared-back black and white interface and a corresponding set of buttons for its Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps.

Since these apps work with Instagram they too share the branded look and feel.

"We decided to translate these elements into a more modern app icon that strikes a balance between recognition and versatility," said Spalter.

Instagram was sold to Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. It now has over 400 million users – more than Twitter – and more than 80 million photos and videos are shared on the app every day. If your like me new people come on Instagram everyday.

In today's world where every week another large company or app changes their logo to be more simplified. We believe it has to do with Skeuomorphism.

In 2014, Google unveiled skeumorphism-free design guidelines for software across its desktop and mobile platforms, called Material Design. ​More recently there has been a move away from skeuomorphism, including at Apple Inc, whose operating system under the leadership of Steve Jobs formerly championed the approach.

Skeuomorphism: The most obvious definition is all about visual style: The tacky leather bindings on the old iOS calendar. The shadows and reflections on every single button and object, thanks to some hidden, never-setting sun. I think the use of Fake wood, fake leather, fake shadows just became so over done that now modern clean lines is where it's at.

Arguments in favor of skeuomorphism include that it makes devices easier to use for people familiar with the older devices that are imitated. Arguments against include that it takes up more screen space on digital devices, and may be more complex and more difficult to learn than a straightforward interface without it.

People can't even focus on daily tasks as attention spans decrease. Let your brand be noticed and remembers because it was simple not overly designed with colors and shadows.

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