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Clip Art? $99 logo? Hire a professional!

You have to be careful in shopping for logo design - graphic designers - and now even web designers. Do they have experience? a degree? or some education behind what they are selling? Today just about anyone with a computer and internet access can create a graphic identity and many try to do just that. Thanks to clip art, online logo generators, and the individuals listed above - logos could be copied and cheap.

Cheaply produced logos are OK for some small businesses and some feel they got a deal for $99. How devastating would it be to be in pubic and see a similar design to what you just paid for only after you paid to have it plastered on your car, business cards and even ran expensive ads using it. Better yet, you get a call from a company or designer who claims they created that design first. A legal battle is so expensive, so why not invest in your company like you want the public to invest in what your selling.

We offer design that is custom - we don't use templates for our logos, we don't use templates to design your business cards, and we only refer to templates for websites as a guide for what you like. You don't have to be locked into the layout of a template website, as the days of custom coded websites are slowly going away. We use to work with programmers who said this and that couldn't be done without a ton of extra time and work. The tools that have come available in just a few short months are helping design firms create websites without the restrictions of templates and code. We are now able to add your brand's font to your website and create websites that have more design to them vs "the old look".

"The old look" a term we refer to as too much text! (SEO SEO) Visitors want to see graphics and images (thanks to Facebook and Instagram). They don't want to see all your words. NO ONE READS! We see this movement happening everyday. This will be it's own blog post. Coming soon! is a great example but here is a ugly one for sure....


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