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5 Strategies that a company can do to upgrade and re-energize their brand and logo.

1. Simplify Your Logo - a readers attention span is 8 seconds, so imagine how they interact with your logo. They can't really take in an over complicated design with a lot going on. Example: A Realtor logo with a house, key, palm tree - all in full color. Your logo should be simple like the iconic Nike swoosh and shouldn't be complicated. Let's remind you of our favorite nugget: 'Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.' - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

2. Modernize Your Brand - what does Modernize mean to you? It means something different to a lot of people but in branding it's described to me as: Line art is considered modern, clean one color artwork is also considered modern. When we can simplify your logo and get rid of all the colors and gradients - you are left with a logo that is Modern. Clients often thank me for bringing their brand/logo into the 21st century. These same companies need to attract the younger employees and customers - so having a focus group of even 17-20 year old’s make for a great feedback session. Ask the younger generation what they think of your brand's logo, colors, fonts and imagery. I am sure most of the feedback you will receive will include rebranding your business. It might be time to update everything. If you are worried about the old logo and your attachment to it, you can always have your first logo as your throwback design - just like the sports teams do with their jersey designs. "that's the throwback version"

3. Add or Change Your Brands Colors - a great example would be if your brand is burgundy and gold, it screams "I am old as the hills!" It's okay to change the color completely and we recommend using only one main color. When you want to have colors added just be careful and only add colors in your website design. We even theme our use of photography to include the colors you add. There is a growing trend, Wix even added it as a design option, it is the use of gradient fills. This trend is great but don't over do it. Gradients were popular in the design of social media icons which are now only one color. Do you think it's making a coming back? We caution you to not use them in your logo - only as background fills.

4. Fonts - fonts are getting more creative and fun and from time to time it is okay to use a fun font but NOT in your logo. Remember a brand has to stand the test of time and fonts come and go. Right now there are a lot of trending fonts that are in fact very difficult to read. They are a trend - don't build your brand around the next cool font because odds are and I have seen it - these colors trends are just that so be original when picking colors. We begin all brand design in black and white and even present them to the client initially in black and white only. Anna has always said "if it works in black in white then it can ultimately be any color in the future and still be as strong." Start a foundation with strong logo designer on your team.

"if it works in black in white then it can ultimately be any color in the future and still be as strong." - Anna

5. Redesign Your Website - this is a daunting task filled with tons of worry and stress for a business. It’s not broke why fix it? I just did it 3 years ago? Are you getting leads? If not the site isn't attractive to users and they find no need to dig deeper or read your content. Anna says "lead your user to your content using imagery and graphics designed to guide the user to the words that you want them to read." While google loves words - they also love images. Tell them what the image is - give good image names and descriptions. Use essential language to give them just what they need to know - trust me if they are interested, they will "read more" - If your website is missing a blog? That is a perfect reason why to redesign your site or ask your developer to add it? We are in the 2021 century and if you haven't figured out that all answers on google really are being pulled from content users develop in their blogs. Opinions of products, case studies and even reviews of businesses, new trends...we encourage our clients to be the expert - sure share the news you think fits your client’s interest but what do you think of the content, what is your point of view? Tell your clients and google this. go into depth in a blog, use imagery to tell your story, Use examples or screenshots of exactly what you are talking about in the blog. FYI - all Wix websites can have a blog turned on - it's an easy click. If you are on Wordpress and don't use the blog feature you are not using it for what it is meant for.

"imagery and graphics should be designed to guide the user to the words that you want them to read. - Anna


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