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Branding is Worth the Investment

“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” - Ariana Grande

Ariana isn’t the only one who can get what she wants. Whether you are starting your business from the ground up or continuing the legacy of a company with years of experience, your goal is the same: You want people to get you.

The best way to get brand recognition starts with an eye-catching brand.

Something that people remember. Something that stands the test of time. Something that you can proudly show off.

Hibiscus Brand Management can help you do just that. We specialize in creating stellar brands.

Contrary to popular belief, the branding process is BEYOND just graphic design.

Since our company began in 2008, our team of creative professionals bring expertise in illustration, fonts, colors, photography, writing, superior accounting, and high level security to each client we get to serve. We ensure that each design we create is original and unique.

We look to you for visual direction and examples to determine your branding style. However, the final result is custom artwork that is specifically designed to represent you and your company.

Our clients experience one-on-one service as we lead you through a personalized and thorough diagnostics process to help:

  1. Discover how you want your company represented

  2. Create designs that match your vision and style

  3. Convey a clear message to your audience in the most essential way

Since logos are not able to speak, they have to be recognized in a small and simple way. Overly complicated logos will not stand out in the sea of information we are immersed in daily. People need to be able to quickly recall the imprint your brand makes on their brain. Hibiscus Brand Management can create that memorable look for you.

We love when clients continue the relationship we cultivated during our brand process to hire us for other marketing management services too. We bring the brand to life by creating quality products that feature their logo on stationery, apparel, signage, car wraps, and corporate gifts.

With the growing importance of having a digital presence, we also work with businesses to rebrand their website, launch social media sites, and write content for e-newsletters and printed ads. -------

Are you ready to brand your business? Let us know! And you will join our noteworthy Hibiscus clientele in Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Napa Valley and beyond.

Complete this New Client Intake Form to get the branding process started:


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