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Does Your Logo Fit in the Social Media Profile Circle?

In today’s world more than ever, logos need to be strong. Design has gone beyond just putting your look on letterhead and business cards to a digital marketplace, where brands need to be recognized online as well. That said, our HIBISCUS team believes -- Every logo should fit in a circle. 

Social Media profile photos, the first images people associate with your brand, are in the shape of a circle. Whether you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube, your profile photo is a part of your digital fingerprint. It is the first place people look to identify your brand. It is the only image that marks any comment or engagement you share. It is also the way other brands recognize you when your profile is shared. 

This makes it particularly difficult for businesses who do not have a strong icon. If the profile image is not a photo of a key person in the company, then we see that businesses try to fit their entire brand image, icon visual and font into the mandatory circle shape. This results in a squished look that is so small that it is barely recognizable. 

How will your customers know that the product they purchased is yours? Think about how simple it is to see a check mark on sneakers or a bitten apple on a smartphone. That type of brand recognition is what small businesses and other companies can embody with a strong logo and icon visual. That is what will set you apart from your competition. 

Is time to hire a professional logo designer?

If your icon is unrecognizable when it is scaled down, it is time.

If you have to zoom in to figure out what it is, it is time.

If it takes longer than 8 seconds (which is the average attention span) to recognize and remember your brand - it is time.

The best logos work if they can be recognized in one color, like black or white. Let us help make your brand fit in and stand out. -------

Are you ready to brand your business? Let us know! And you will join our noteworthy Hibiscus clientele in Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Napa Valley and beyond.

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