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KIA Rebrand

The popular car company, KIA, has rebranded, replacing their dated red oval logo with something much more sleek, eye-catching, and powerful. Although they are sticking with their three-letter wordmark, they have drastically changed up the overall look and feel of their branding.

This isn't their first rebrand - let's look at the history. Did you know they used to make Bicycles?

The forward slant of the new design creates a forward momentum, appropriate for a vehicle brand, and especially as we move into a future filled with electric cars, efficiency and simplicity, these elements are key. The new logo’s forward momentum also hints to KIA’s new tagline: “Movement that inspires.”

They changed their color palette as well, opting for black over red. This reinforces what we always tell our clients –we love color, but we still believe black is the strongest option!

Removed from circle, no longer contained within a shape, open and free.

New tagline: "Movement that inspires."

Our Grade: 10 – we love the updated look. Did you know that the logo they use in Korea for Kia is different that the one we see here in the USA? Check out the sleek design they use below. In true icon design fashion, their logo is only an emblem. We talk about this with clients and discuss how we create a simple icon for their company that fits the profile picture area on all social media accounts. What do you think about it?

So, while they removed the circle from their USA brand, the one they use in Korea is in a circle. We think it was a huge step to remove it for the USA.

Now let's talk about their new line of cars. They have really taken a huge leap from the Kia RIO and the Kia SOUL. Their new car the Kia Stinger GT Scorpion. Wow! Looks so fast.


Here is a review of the new car, inside and out. We love the part where he recommends adding the logo or word Scorpion in extra little spaces to give it more brand recognition.


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