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Naming a Luxury Real Estate Brand

Hibiscus Brand Management continues to build great relationships with clients ever since we began in 2008. Whether it is creating a custom logo, launching a fresh website design, or designing products that show off your company loyalty -- Hibiscus welcomes the opportunity to help other businesses expand their reach through stellar branding. Let us introduce you to the newly formed luxury real estate team: Native Collective! We were honored to be a part of this brand’s launch, which included naming, writing a company story, designing their logo and creating brand guidelines. These tools are essential for any business, but this like-minded team understood how building this solid foundation would be vital for their future success. At Hibiscus, it is our goal to empower business owners. Here is a behind-the-scenes look into our process… Help! I need Hibiscus. Native Collective first contacted us through our New Client Form. We created this on our website as a way for clients to articulate what type of Hibiscus services they need. This also lets us know how you heard about us and gives background to what your current branding looks like. Although we have quite a few clients who keep us busy every month, we are always open to meeting new clients. What’s your Name? In addition to creating great designs and writing copy, our Hibiscus team likes to come up with naming suggestions. This is usually an ask from “serial entrepreneur” clients who have worked with us before and have another great business idea they would like to pursue. We have an initial brand consultation with the client to learn more. Then, our team goes through multiple brainstorming sessions and industry research to determine different concepts. Native Collective represents three people who have a combined 30 years of real estate experience. Their initial name idea didn’t necessarily exude luxury real estate, so Hibiscus stepped in to help. We shared naming options that were unique to who they are as a team: What they have in common. How credible and trustworthy they are. What makes their business unique.

We presented the following:

After a few weeks of deliberation (and running it by their friends and family), the final consensus was to become Native Collective.

What’s your Story? It’s imperative for us to include stories to support the names we present to clients. Why? Because your customers, fans and news outlets will want to know! Your first impression makes a lasting impression. As a new company, you want your company to be memorable and recognizable. Native Collective shows what makes them unique to the real estate industry through their company story:

"We are NATIVE COLLECTIVE, established in 2020 and whose founders are a trusted trio of experienced REALTORS® with firm roots in North Carolina. Having a combined 30+ years of award-winning luxury real estate experience, our team offers multi-faceted expertise to ensure you receive a total package of benefits. We're passionate about real estate and all it encompasses; Investing, Construction, Architecture, Staging, and Interior Design as well as the transaction process itself.

Our team's partnership with Sotheby's International Realty connects our clientele to a global network of possibilities; whether we are marketing your home for the world to see or connecting you to one of our real estate partners around the globe, NATIVE COLLECTIVE has all the tools and resources to provide a seamless experience. Our strict code of ethics got us here and you can trust that our collaboration will remain with you long after the sale is complete. We are proud to be part of a brand that represents integrity, values character and a strong commitment to excellence just as we do.

As we navigate the home buying and selling journey together, you can remember that our team began with a collaborative group of three who made thoughtful decisions and had a balanced buy-in. We are here with you every step of the way. Trust the legacy of NATIVE COLLECTIVE; you will feel right at home with us!" Rebranding Your Business Since we are visual, we like to see what catches our client’s eyes first. Our Hibiscus branding process includes Logo Diagnostics and creating a collaborative virtual vision board. Each person on the Native Collective team was asked to share what fonts, colors and brands they are drawn to. We spent time asking questions to fully understand their intent. Through the years, our designers have been able to hone in what similarities and differences are shared in order to create custom artwork that depicts your brand.

We collected their inspiration and created a series of talk boards to discuss on our diagnostics call.

Through doing this, we gathered that these clients were drawn to fonts with no feet, gold and navy color palettes, and modern icon styles.

We also ask clients to provide us with photography to depict their industry. Since Native Collective has worked in Charlotte real estate for years, they sent us beautiful images of home exteriors and interiors to include in our Logo Review presentation. Native Collective also has a keen eye for design, so they shared what colors they resonated with. The Hibiscus team then used our expertise for color-matching to create a color palette for their brand that would work well on-screen along with printed signage and apparel. Gold stars to the Native Collective team for doing their homework, being responsive to our meetings-calls-emails and diving headfirst into our Hibiscus branding process! That helped us to be more efficient when we presented their final artwork and Brand Guidelines.

Stay tuned for the final brand reveal!

Ready, Set, Launch! Each member of Native Collective has their own set of skills to contribute to their growing business: They have an architectural background which leaves no room for error. They know how to design their own website and create branded social media posts. They stay in-the-know of industry trends. They are well connected in the network of local realtors and home builders. Hibiscus is proud to have provided the brand marketing tools to help them succeed. Their team now has a new name, story, logo and brand guidelines to further enhance their presence in the Charlotte real estate market. If you are looking to buy, build or invest, reach out to the Native Collective! Native Collective @native3co Instagram "By way of referral, we came to learn about Anna and her team at Hibiscus and hired them to develop our team's name and brand standards by the end of 2020. They did not disappoint! What felt like a daunting task to us, they quickly went into action and developed several wonderful ideas for us; one just so happened to stand out. We are now Native Collective, a team of successful luxury real estate agents operating under Premier Sotheby's International Realty in the Charlotte marketplace ... and we could not be more happy! We look forward to partnering with Anna and her team on future branding and graphics exercises as we roll out into 2021 and beyond!" - Jason Gentry, Native Collective ------ Are you ready to rebrand your business? Let us know! And you will join our noteworthy Hibiscus clientele in Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Napa Valley and beyond. Complete this New Client Intake Form to get the branding process started:


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