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When Clients Take Our Tools and Run With It...

At Hibiscus, one thing we pride ourselves on is our ability to give our clients the tools they need to succeed! While we love helping our clients as much as we can, we also love when our clients take things into their own hands.

One of our recent branding projects was for Native Collective, an emerging real estate company in the Charlotte area. Click here to read about the process.

The conclusion of our branding process comes with a Brand Guidelines document, which helps clients understand how their new brand elements should be used. It outlines the rules for logo, font, and color usage.

Jason Gentry, a member of the Native Collective team, told us that he already had some experience building websites in the Wix platform. With the help of our Brand Guidelines, he was able to put together a stunning website for their new brand with no design help from us at all! This is a great option for the "do-ers" that we love working with so much - it helps our clients save money and also gives them a sense of control over their brand image. It is empowering for them to be able to take our guidelines and build something they can edit and control.

Above is the color palette for Native Collective as it appears on the brand guidelines. The right image shows the options for logo layout (these can each be found throughout the website). Below, you can see how Jason used the main colors (7708C and 5445C) as the image overlay and background, with some pops of the accent/secondary colors (192C and 3125C).

The ABOUT US page is another fine example of how Jason followed our Brand Guidelines to create a cohesive aesthetic. They even implemented the signature font we gave them, for a hand-written touch.

Following the Brand Guidelines ensures that your brand remains consistent and clean. Effective brand implementation is important to achieving a professional and unified look across all platforms. Your brand should look the same on your website as it does on social media - creating a memorable and recognizable aesthetic.

Below are the Brand Guidelines we provided to Native Collective.

After creating their website and getting comfortable with using their Brand Guidelines, Native Collective has also started to create branded posts for their social media! By keeping colors, fonts, and other elements consistent, the post is instantly recognizable as theirs.

Notice how they kept the accent red color to a minimum - it should be used as a "pop" of color here and there, and this is exactly how we see it being used throughout the website and on these individual graphics as well.

Empowering our clients to create their own branded content makes us so happy - we love to see our "do-ers" get things done!

Looking for a set of tools you can implement for your own brand? Let us know and we can get started! ------ Are you ready to brand your business? Let us know! And you will join our noteworthy Hibiscus clientele in Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Napa Valley and beyond. Complete this New Client Intake Form to get the branding process started:


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