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What's the value of a quality website?

It can be easy to overlook basic marketing and branding strategies when you are a business owner with so much else on your plate. But what good is all the hard work you put into your business if nobody sees it?

Nowadays most peoples’ opinions of your business are made up before they meet you in person. Your online presence – your website, social media, etc. – has a huge effect on the way your brand is viewed and received by potential customers or clients. If you have ever looked up a company only to be met with an unattractive or disorganized website, you know the feeling. It's that first impression that makes the decision for most people.

We worked hard to rebuild this website for one of our clients, Sky Ridge Yurts. We wanted to apply the branding to the site in a way that was powerful but inviting. From the custom drawings and elements we created for the site, down to the colors and fonts, everything was designed to work together in a way that reflects the vibe of the place itself online.

Since their website rebrand, Sky Ridge Yurts has seen their bookings increase over 20%.

Here is a look at the before and after of the website homepage:

A dynamic and engaging homepage is important to grab viewers' attention and entice them to continue scrolling and looking through the website.

As we worked on designing the new site, one of our designers doodled a yurt from a picture and we decided this could be a perfect brand element! We made a few more drawings in the same style to capture the laid back, outdoorsy, easy-going vibes that are tangible on the campground. The yurt drawing even made it onto Sky Ridge's merch!

Let's talk photography

Throughout this process, we were able to travel to Sky Ridge Yurts several times with our cameras and our trusty photographer friend to capture the magic of this location from our own perspective. All of the photos on the website were taken by us and the difference between the original phone-camera snaps and the updated professional grade photos is astonishing. Good photography will make or break your website. Your website can make or break your business. Keep that in mind!

Below on the left is the listing for the Cherokee yurt as it was on the old site. To the right is our updated listing. Notice the full width photos give you a much better perception of what this yurt is really like once you are there. Don't you feel more compelled to scroll through the photos on the right than to click through the ones on the left?

We think so, too! A seamless photo gallery that expands into a larger view makes this experience even more enjoyable.

Do you own a rental property? Want to see an increase in booking?

If you own a rental property or real estate and list primarily on AirBnb or similar platforms, you are likely paying fees and sending some of the money people should be paying you to stay at your property, to your online listing company. Why should a third party benefit from your hard work?

During the Covid-19 quarantine period, AirBnb required all property listings to fully refund any bookings during that time.

We know you've put years of your time into your property. Or, maybe you are just starting out. Either way, a custom website that is optimized for your particular services is a much better bet in the long run than trying to sustain a business on AirBnb.

A website that is unique to your property or brand is a great way to build a community around your business and to attract repeat customers. Repeat customers lead to referrals and referrals are the best kind of business!

If you think your website might be due for an upgrade, let us know! We want to help you build something beautiful that reflects your business, property, or brand, in the most authentic way possible.

Contact us to get started!

Edit 6.17.20:

Still need to be convinced? Here's an update:

Sky Ridge's numbers of site visitors has gone up by 80%. They are now 100% booked and the waiting list is over 100 people long! People are already booking for next summer.


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