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Cell Phone Carrier Re-brand

Some of you may have noticed this slight little change that Verizon did a couple months ago. Notice the old version on the left, then the new version on the right. Why do you think they did this simple change?

In our years of experience, we always notice how much space your logo takes up. When the icon is so large that every time you use it or sponsor an event, the logo can only enlarge so big before you have to size it down to fit on a sponsor banner.

The new brand makes it easy for Verizon to keep their Nike check, but now it's not locked into brand. Its small and still noticeable. It's clean and simple.

Notice too, the slanted font of the before logo and how the new logo isn't slanted anymore. I think that says something about the character of the brand. A slanted font is meant to make something seem fast or fresh. Now that they have been in business and have a strong foundation. The font is no longer slanted but upright and bolder without the Z being another color the word itself is stronger.

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