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Simple Rebranding

Zaxby's Brand Old

Each time a major brand makes a change to their super full color - busy - tons of detail logo we take notice.

We believe that the re-brands are all brought about because of the reproduction costs associated with the number of colors.

Think about printing employee shirts having to be reprinted on the regular. The cost associated with screen printing and any type of promotional communications are all based on numbers of colors. I guess their marketing department decided that this would save the money. This is the very reason all of our design starts with one color strength. Keep the dollars in your pocket.

Notice the new brand. How simple is it? Clean and Simple! It's what we do! If you haven't visited a Zaxby's in awhile then go, they also removed all the clutter from the walls inside. It looks so much nicer.

Zaxby's Re-Brand 2016 - less reproduction expense

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