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Aldi Re-brand Not The Smartest Move

Supermarket Aldi has undergone a new re-branding, with the aim of creating a more "contemporary" look. The new logo features a refined border, new logo font, and brighter color palette. Although the logo might have an overall bolder appearance, was it really the smartest move for this German brand?

Most re-brands are done to save money. The main goal behind the projects is to break the logo down into a one color version, making it easy and affordable to print on apparel and other forms of marketing and print materials. But Aldi did the complete opposite. They went from a one color version and over the years morphed into a full color logo which includes gradients, or the "fade" or "shine" of color which gives it the 3D feature.

Since gradients are not the easiest thing to print, or print correctly, it will be a big surprise to how this new logo will be worn. Will it be embroidered? Because even that wont been an accurate solution!

So did Aldi really achieve their contemporary goal by adding a NASCAR fade? Because in our opinion, they took a simple line art logo and it made it more complicated.

Aldi's Branding History
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