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Johnson Baby New Icon and Baby Products

Johnson & Johnson is relaunching its baby-care products in the hopes to revamp their brand and products. The new products are designed to be more promising to millennial moms, who are looking for baby products with more natural ingredients.

"Perhaps because of our success, we became a bit complacent and did not want to mess with success, for lack of a better expression," Jorge Mesquita, worldwide chairman and executive vice president for J&J's global consumer unit, said in an interview with CNBC.

J&J has completely transformed their products by cutting the number of ingredients in the new baby line in half, eliminating dyes, sulfates and parabens. J&J is going to replace these ingredients with with coconut oil. Notice that this change brought on a brand update. Now J&J Baby has an icon design. The icon is simple like the new products, it's clean and the "water drop" has no words but you can see just the J and know it's Johnson and Johnson! We design simple icons for brands that will stand out and be recognized in a few seconds. With attention span being how it is...That's all the time you got to make an impression.

Social media is the fastest, cheapest way to target your audience "Millennials" and your brand has to fit in that profile section. On most cell phones, the "circle" is less than .5" which is so TINY. Everyone these days has a smart phone and uses it to make purchases and buying decisions. So, it's ideal to keep your logo design SIMPLE.

Johnson and Johnson has successfully branded themselves with a tiny water drop and their Instagram account has a ton of followers because who doesn't love baby photos. Baby photos and dog photos are the two number one things people look at or search on you tube.

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