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McAlister's Re-brand Slow Launch

Since McAlister's launched in 1989, they really haven't changed much. Their new brand roll out really caught us by surprise. We were shocked that they didn't simplify the logo enough to have an icon. They did get rid of their 1980 font on a curve and the Gothic font style lettering and moved to a more modern font but still decided to keep the drop caps. Where they failed with this re-brand is that they restricted their logo to a box, a confined space that won't give them the flexibility they need in today's market. A horizontal box will limit how they can market themselves in all social media outlets, as with all social media sites, you're limited to a square box or circle and if your brand doesn't fit in that box/circle you're not going to be represented correctly.

With over 400 stores in existence, McAlister's has yet to fully roll out their re-brand. They are working to update one of their stores in Atlanta, where their headquarters are located. The store in Atlanta will get a complete refresh, new packaging and a new kids and family menu program.

A re-brand is needed when sells are down but companies shouldn't wait that long, and should do it when they have the income as a re-brand costs money to roll out the new brand. We frequent the restaurant a lot and found it hard to believe that they had made the change but no one was talking about it. One of their locations in Matthews, North Carolina has already started wearing new uniforms with their re-branded logo and also have the new logo on their iconic giant teacups, who doesn't love McAlisters sweet tea?

McAlister's is under a larger umbrella called Focus Brands which feature brands such as Carvel, Cinnabon, Moe's Southwest Grill, and in this group there has not been a lot of re-branding recently.

What do you think of the new logo design?

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