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Pizza Hut Brand History

Pizza Hut Brand by years

Above you will see the progression of the logo for Pizza Hut. Their iconic hat or sombrero used to market and as a guide for the roof of the restaurant itself. Over the years this is the only thing Pizza Hut has kept from their first logo rendition. Started with a full color logo, then just a simple font change, to an outlined version, then adding many colors, to finally something simple & two colored. Then you have, present day, where they have now only use a simple graphic of a circle that symbolizes the shape of a pizza but is easy to see and shows no toppings. How many of you knew about the first logo? We didn't but just this week we are working with a restaurant brand and we did a lot of research during our style diagnostics process which helped us get a handle on the color red and why it is used to represent food businesses. When in fact it's the worst idea ever.

After years in the sign industry and owning my first car which happen to be RED - I have noticed and educate clients daily on the effects the sun has on this color. When used in an outdoor setting the company has to update the paint, vinyl or lighting as it fades fastest in the suns rays. Not to mention the sun's rays have also changed in the past 10 years with global issues we are having. Stay away from the color red as it will make you spend more GREEN.

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